Cattlist Smart Device

IOT Enabled Platform

Incorporating the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our IOT enabled platform helps you to stay on top of your cattle’s health and heat patterns and enables you to take steps to maximize productivity while keeping the costs down.

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Herd Management System

Our IOT platform is tightly integrated with our Herd Management systems so you get accurate information using the data entered daily on the field and collected using the sensor.

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Our sensors track the following to warn any abnormal behavior in your feeding or ruminating patterns.

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Analytics & Dashboard

Data collected continuously is analysed using our soon to be patented Machine learning algorithms to predict commonly occurring diseases and displayed on the dashboard for taking appropriate actions.

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Dust & Water Proof

Our sensors are water and dust resistant (IP67) and hence there is no need to worry about its durability in harsh environments.

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Movement Analysis

The walking, sleeping and sitting patterns are analysed to predict onset of diseases in your cattle to enable you to take corrective actions.

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Optimized battery

The battery is optimized for long term use at a single charge.

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The temperature sensor in our platform detects and communicates an increase in body temperature.

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