Herd Management

Herd Management

We provide you with an easy-to-use, RFID-enabled, end-to-end herd management system that delivers the entire life cycle of your cattle. The system is available online (Mobile and Desktop) or offline for syncing at a later stage.

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You can organize your farm into herds categorized by breed or shed, or as per your dairy setup.  Your staff can be assigned to role categories such as herdsman, milkman, veterinarian etc.

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Understanding the daily feed pattern is key to ensure the cattle is healthy. Enter the daily feed information and identify any deficiency in vitamins and protein in the food.

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Heat Calender

Maintain the heat calendar by incorporating input from our integrated IOT platform to predict the perfect window for insemination.

  • Increases the success rate by minimum 20% thereby decreasing your calving cycle
  • Decreasing your calving cycle increases your milk output and thereby increases profits
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You will store the demographics of your cattle on our system once and keep them updated as and when necessary. The RFID enabled systems brings up the demographics data on need basis.

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Milking Analysis

Studies prove that dip in milk production is an indication of onset of multiple diseases. The application has multiple dashboards to help you understand the milking patterns. The application is also can be integrated with milking machines.

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Analytics and Dashboard

The herd management system is supplemented by a variety of Dashboards and reports that helps you spend less time doing the paper work and focus on your precious resources – The Cows... 

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Taking an attendance daily is a breeze. You also know where your cow resides

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Health Records

Update the health records for easy retrieval of health, medicines used and vaccination details at the time of need.

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